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At TeachKloud, we care about preschools, children and their families. With us, you can do more of what you love. Help children succeed and spend less time on paperwork with our cloud based childcare and pre-school online management system.

Industry Partners and Features
Aistear & Siolta Learning Journals & Stories
Childcare Inspections App
Parent communication app
Pre-School Teaching Resources
Cloud Based Pre-School Management System
Childcare Management App

The preschool industry is facing major challenges ahead.

Why do 56% of preschool teachers plan to leave teaching?


Preschool teachers face high burnout rates due to high expectations and huge workloads! Documentation, planning, observing, communicating with parents and meeting policy standards can be extremely time consuming.


We spoke with over 1,000 preschool teachers and found that 2—4 hours is spent on paper work every day! 88% of preschool teachers said that keeping up to date with regulations and paperwork was their biggest challenge.

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Digital Attendance for Early Childhood Education

Countless policies and procedures? Are you looking to reduce non-contact hours?

Sign children in and out on your laptop, phone or tablet in seconds. See daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly attendance insights. Print and download these for your records, parents or inspectors. Record keeping has never been this easy.

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How much time are you spending on paperwork? One, maybe two hours per day?

Take the hassle out of invoicing and fees. Update your payment records and invoice parents based on the child’s hours, fees, discounts and governmental schemes.

Early Childhood Learning Journals & Observations

With TeachKloud you can create beautiful learning journals, stories, observations, daily, weekly and monthly records that can be shared with parents on TeachKloud. Aistear, Síolta, Montessori, EYLF, EYFS are just a few curriculum frameworks that we supports!

Let’s walk you through how to create a learning journal in minutes on TeachKloud.

Daily Records

Spending hours on daily records, observations or parent communication? Keep a personal touch with parents while removing manual tasks from your to-do list. Document children’s daily learning from activities to nap times and hare these with parents at the click of a button.

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Pre-School Teaching Resources

Access quality educator-created content and compliance resources.

All teaching materials are made for and by teachers. We have thousands of open-ended themes which are linked to curriculum frameworks such as Aistear, EYLF, EYFS and more! Your pre-school teaching resources are only a click away.

Parent Communication App

Parents of young children want to be involved in their child’s growth and development.

Want parents to see the “nothing” their child says they did all day in preschool? Now you can. Share special moments, pictures, daily updates and important information with our parent communication app.

Compliance – Childcare Inspections App

Pre-built compliance audits for your country help you implement regulations and excel at inspections. Whether you want to manage all you policies, infection control, fire safety, risk assessments or compliance records in one place our compliance tools makes it easy!

Many Exciting Features

  •   Billing management (child fees and invoicing)
  •   Staff scheduling and timesheets
  •   Digital attendance and insights
  •   Unlimited learning stories linked to your curriculum
  •   Unlimited child observations and records
  •   Unlimited accident and incident reporting
  •   Unlimited policy creation
  •   Health and safety checks with updates on changes in regulations
  •   Parent engagement and communication
  •   Teaching materials and resources updated regularly by TeachKloud and   the Teachkloud community
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