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Early Years & Pre School Management Software

The number one nursery management software! TeachKloud’s easy to use app helps you stay on top by streamlining all of your paperwork.

Replace four different communication streams, staff training, compliance and staff records, as well as, hours of paperwork per week with one app to focus your time doing the job you love. Go paperless with ease and save up to 2 admin hours every day with features developed by early years experts. Access our training courses for preschool teachers on everything from guiding behaviour to fire safety! Manage your preschool your way, with TeachKloud.

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Get started & Organise Your Business, Now.

With new regulations and health and safety guidelines evolving, it’s been hard for pre schools to keep up. However, if COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that there can be a new way to do things.

TeachKloud supports pre schools and nurseries as they adapt to new regulations and compliance requirements. Our features are designed to help you overcome the daily challenges and tasks you face when running and organising your early years business.

TeachKloud is easy to use and completely customisable for settings of all sizes, curriculums and staff requirements.

More importantly, it doesn’t take months to get everything set up and ready to go. You can start using TeachKloud in just one day. Book a demo or speak to a member of the team now to start using TeachKloud.

Whether you’ve never used a nursery management system before or you’re making a switch, things need to go smoothly. As long as you’re using TeachKloud, our team will be on hand to support!

The next generation in nursery management software has arrived!

  • Communicate with co-workers virtually to adhere to social distancing.

  • All cleaning lists, risk assessments and child records in one place.
  • Organised registration and learning journals to make child interaction traceable.

  • Send practice-wide updates, share information and policies with parents via instant messaging.

  • Flexible solution that can be mapped to regulations in your country.

  • Digital permissions to minimise contact.

  • Online training courses for preschool teachers.

  • Staff Rosters and Timesheets for easier staff management

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The next generation in childcare management software

All of Your Paperwork in One Secure Space. Simple & Stress Free

As a dedicated nursery management software, TeachKloud has created solutions for the most time-consuming duties to help you and your team use your resources most effectively. Cut out paper and ink costs, collect and track payments, and communicate efficiently with parents, all with TeachKloud. It’s all in one place.

With intuitive, prompting features that speed up lesson planninglearning journals and children’s next steps, everyone in the business can save hours in their day. But TeachKloud doesn’t just speed up what you do; it makes what you do even better and easier, standardising, formatting and automating paperwork and setting your excellent standard.

TeachKloud helps childcare services save up to 50% on their management systems because we know that money – and time – can be better invested elsewhere. Read more about what our preschools say about us. 

All Paperwork in One Secure Space

Designed by a PhD Graduate in Early Childhood Education and Care

Focus Your Time Where It Matters & Simplify Daily Tasks

Unlike other management tools or apps, TeachKloud is designed by early years professionals with you in mind.

Founded and developed by industry expert, Dr Wendy Oke, who worked in collaboration with parents, families and experienced practitioners, our all-in-one pre school management software will help you overcome the everyday challenges of working in childcare and invest your time doing what you enjoy most.

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Focus Your Time Where It Matters

Pre School Management Software That Serves Staff, Parents & Families

Here at TeachKloud, we know that it’s been a struggle to connect and communicate over the last year. Our nursery management software creates an immersive and interactive parent and family experience. Teachers and family members can connect and communicate about the experiences and development of their children, as soon as they happen via instant messaging and child profiles.

Securely document the learning journey of each child, share daily records and show parents what’s going on with videos and multimedia, from day one through to graduation. Sharing the experience brings families and early years closer together.

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Pre School Management Software
Childcare management software

Unlike other Childcare management software

TeachKloud focuses on emergent interests and personalisation, providing auto-prompts on next steps for learning journals within the set curriculum, based on the age and stage of children’s development.

TeachKloud also provides attendance insights, allowing you to spot trends in absences as well as effectively manage ratios to provide a safe and secure environment for every child.

Teachers can access learning opportunities and socio-emotional activities for children of all ages demonstrated by teachers.

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A quick Tour

TeachKloud is a powerful but easy to use nursery management software. We’ve packed in all the tools you need without any fuss.

Take a quick tour of our features or book a walkthrough demo to upgrade the tools you need to enhance every aspect of the early years experience.

Attendance quick-tour-attendance

Spending time and resources manually recording attendance, translating that to billing and keeping hold of absent notes? Not anymore. TeachKloud dedicated early years management software simplifies and automates attendance tracking.

Child Profiles quick-tour-children

Create a profile for each individual child to easily update and manage all their information and ensure it is accessible from day one right through to graduation. TeachKloud child profiles can be easily customised to ensure that all the relevant and important information is listed. Each profile can also be connected to other specially designed features, such as learning journals room management, attendance and billing.

Child Profiles
Teachers & Staff Management

Organise staff and feel confident they have everything they need to get on with the day, from room organisation to staff rotas, the TeachKloud platform provides your team with the tools they need. The teacher platform ensures that each practitioner can communicate without leaving their assigned room, has access to information,can upload media-rich child observations on the go, and share special moments with parents through their app.

school management software Teachers & Staff Management
Risk Assessments, Cleaning Sheets & Daily Checks quick-tour-risk-assessments

Ensure you’re always inspection-ready with a centralised software to update and securely store all health and safety information, risk assessments and more. TeachKloud’s comprehensive and customisable software ensures that your compliance checklists serve your setting. Change the frequency of checks, update policies and procedures, send instant messages and manage all tick-box tasks on one, paperless platform.

Risk Assessments, Cleaning Sheets & Daily Checks

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Parent app

School web interface

Early years professionals love us

I just really like it! I’m not usually good at techy things and haven’t used a system like this before, but the onboarding and support offered by TeachKloud made everything so easy. They were really patient and answered any questions I had quickly. Their resources online are excellent and really helpful – It’s evident that Wendy (CEO) has a background in early childcare.

Teresa, Principal

Before I found TeachKloud, I was spending so much time each week on my computer, trying to keep up with all the paperwork – I felt overwhelmed.

Veronica, Owner Private Preschool Centre

I did the calculations, we’ll be saving thousands and that’s just on ink and paper…

Mary, Manager at Community Early Childhood Centre

The Ultimate nursery management software

Unlike other pre school management software, TeachKloud is here to serve you.

TeachKloud is a holistic and cohesive childcare management system, solving all of your management and educational needs and supports you to get started in minutes. Tailor and customise TeachKloud to suit how you run your business.

We’re here to support you every step of the way, book a demo to get started in minutes.

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