Water Experiments

2021-10-22T22:53:58+01:0022nd October, 2021|

Water experiments are a great way to incorporate science and scientific knowledge into preschool children's play


2021-10-22T17:24:07+01:0022nd October, 2021|

Create a rainmaker using a variety of tools, such as nails for risky and challenging play.

Forest Creatures

2021-10-22T16:15:31+01:0022nd October, 2021|

Support children’s excitement about the natural environment with forest creatures. Fine motor skills are enhanced with endless opportunities for imaginative and curious play!

Wild Cooking

2021-10-22T15:52:29+01:0022nd October, 2021|

The activity is great for practicing fine motor skills, developing an appreciation of nature and the joyful use of the available resources