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TeachKloud is delighted to have partnered with Gillian Carrington a lawyer in regulation and litigation to support early childhood services during Covid-19.

Practical Guidance

The webinar focuses on practical and compliance issues raised by the re-opening of pre-schools including safety, play pods, space availability, social distancing, hygiene and resources by an expert lawyer in regulation and litigation.

Download Your Continued Professional Development Certificate Here

This webinar is essential training for those running, managing, teaching and working in pre-schools during Covid-19. The webinar takes the latest guidance and applies it to real-world challenges posed by re-opening pre-schools. The webinar has the status of guidance only and does not constitute as legal advice. However, it has the benefit of input from a lawyer specialising in regulatory law, who will be on hand to answer questions.


The presentation will be 30 minutes in length with a further 30 minutes for questions from attendees (the Q+A is not included in the on-demand session).

Who will be delivering the Covid-19 webinar for preschools?

Gillian Carrington: is a practicing lawyer, specialising in regulation and litigation. She has almost three decades of experience in EU and public law. Specifically, her experience focuses on policy and procedures relating to regulation and compliance. She has acted for individuals, companies, schools and public authorities in this regard. While Gillian is legally rigorous, she brings a pragmatic, problem-solving approach to guiding clients and articulates complex legal issues with clarity.

Dr Wendy Oke: Wendy has a PhD in early childhood education and is the founder of TeachKloud – a management and compliance application for early childhood services. Wendy will facilitate the session.


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