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Early Years & Pre School Management Software

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Attendance and tracking

Parent Communication

Learning journals

Child development tracker

Images / video sharing and storage

Accident tracking

Analysis of accidents

Waiting Lists

Instant-messaging for parents and educators

Occupancy and Room Planning

Ratio tracking

Child registration forms

Cleaning sheets

Risk assessments

Covid consent forms

Daily records

Digital signatures for documentation

Policies and procedures

Medication logs

Staff rota’s and timesheets

Invoicing parents and fee collection

Automated inspection reports

Fire safety

Training and meeting logs

Preschool activities and CPD courses

Live Support and Training

Free Parent App

Don’t just take our word for it

“Teachkloud has put our service on another level”

Before TeachKloud, Tiny Tots Childcare relied on print out sheets after finding other nursery management software hard to use and uninviting. After deciding to trial TeachKloud, Tiny Tots Childcare found that they saved 2 – 4 hours per day plus also saving on ink, paper and photocopying costs.

“Students are well equipped as they have used this technology”

This further education college for ECCE professionals found it hard to engage and excite students whilst managing rapid changes within the sector. They relied on hand written observations that dominated time and had never used a dedicated management software developed for the Early Years industry before.

“We have a lot more daily contact with parents”

The Cottage Kids Play Group struggled to manage their time, relying on staff completing work, observations, admin and box ticking after hours. They had designed their own process and frameworks in word documents which worked for a while, but quickly became overrun. They were looking for a more sophisticated way to share with parents and monitor milestones for children.

“We as staff love it and the parents and children really engage with it”

Clever Clogs Pre School were challenged with balancing a fulfilling emergent learning curriculum/learning experience with the need to meet regulations, inspections and operational requirements of running an early years centre. Previous software had improved parent experience but did make staff workload even harder. TeachKloud changed that and they now anticipate to save 1 -2 hours every day.

More than 3000 Early childhood professionals use TeachKloud in their childcare settings.

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