July 14, 2020

A preschool provider can archive a child’s information and keep their data on file OR can also delete this information at any time. Please note that if you delete a child’s profile you will not be able to retrieve this again and it will be deleted forever.

To delete or archive a profile, select the profile that you wish to archive, scroll down and select “archive” or “delete.” Please remember that archiving or deleting profiles cannot be undone. You will not be charged for archived profiles and this will turn the profile into a read/view only profile.

Archiving & Deleting Profiles


When to archive: You may want to keep a copy of children’s records for the time needed to be in compliance with data protection laws in your country. This feature may be useful when a child has graduated or left the preschool. Parents may also ask their child’s preschool provider to delete a child’s information at any time. We believe that your data is yours. You can delete your profile/records and download any information at anytime.


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