July 15, 2020

Watch our quick video here on how to create a parent account, view your child’s details and leave comments!

1. Go to https://dashboard.teachkloud.com/register

2. Enter in your details and select “create account.” Please select “parent”

How do I create a parent account and view my child's details?


3. You will receive an activation link to the email you used when creating your account. Please check your inbox and/or junk mail.

4. When you have located the email, select “activate my account.” If you do not activate/confirm your account you will not be able to access your child’s profile.

5. Please ask your child’s preschool/afterschool/early years provider that you have registered with TeachKloud and the email address you used to register. With this information they can invite you to view your child’s details.

6. You will get an email asking you to join your child’s profile when your child’s preschool teacher/provider has invited you.

How do I create a parent account and view my child's details?


7. Select “confirm” and you will be prompted to log in to view your child’s profile. We will send you updates when there is something new on your child’s dashboard. You should aim to check it once a day to stay updated.


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