July 15, 2020

Watch Short Tutorial Video Here

Sample email to send to parents with instructions on how to set up their TeachKloud Account – Here

Instructions: Inviting Parents (or see video above)

1. Parents/teachers must sign up first to TeachKloud: https://dashboard.teachkloud.com/register before you can invite them. To invite a parent select the child’s profile you would like to invite a parent to view.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. On the right hand side under the header “Parents and Guardians” select “Add Parent or Guardian”

How do I invite a parent?


3. Invite the parent using their primary email and select “invite”.

They will be sent a confirmation email and should follow the instructions given. If the parent has already created a parent account on TeachKloud please use the email they used when creating their account.

How do I invite a parent?


4. If you wish to send parent more information on TeachKloud, we have provided a section for parents with FAQs here: https://teachkloud.kayako.com/section/5-parents-faqs

Please Remember

For confidentiality and security reasons, parents can only see the profile of their own child (the profile to which you invite them to view).

They cannot see the profile of any other children.

Remember: to invite a parent you will need to create a child profile for the parent you wish to invite. If you have not done so please click here to learn how to: https://teachkloud.kayako.com/article/9-add-a-new-child


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