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Get access to TeachKlouds free trial version until September 2020. Afterwhich, you get access to the teacher, parent mobile app, and desktop panel with a 50% discount to support you in re-opening!

Browse TeachKloud Features
  • Resource library with open-ended learning opportunities
  • Staff Timesheet
  • Roster Management
  • Safety Audits
  • Risk Assessments
  • Fire Safety
  • Developmental Observations
  • Restrict access to certain times of the day - secure and private software
  • Easy to use software with free training and live support

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Learning Journals

Learning journals are an easy way to document children’s learning opportunities and journeys from start to graduation! TeachKloud suggests goals from your curriculum or framework that best suit the child’s activity, age and stage of development. Add pictures and videos or even capture the voice of the child. Less time writing and more time doing!

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Sharing is Caring!

  • Easily share learning journals and children’s journeys with parents
  • Choose how and when to share learning journals with parents
  • Share it all for groups of children or individualise the journal for each child!

Emerging Interests

We are early childhood educators and understand the importance of emerging interests and in the moment planning!

  • Easily understand each child’s emerging interests and plan further using our monthly, weekly and daily planning tools.
  • Download suggested open-ended learning opportunities based on each child’s stage of development
  • Browse through our resource library which we call Pinterest for early childhood educators.

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Attendance Tracking

Spending time revising hours of attendance, tracking absences and sick notes? TeachKloud simplifies attendance management and tracking.

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Sign children in and out with the push of a button!

  • Sign individual or groups of children in and out with a push of a button
  • Capture teachers name and initials
  • All records are time and date stamped with easy editing, deletion and printing of attendance reports.
  • TeachKloud is made for you! Scheduling children’s attendance, collections and governmental schemes is easily customisable to your early childhood service.

No More Paper!

  • Link attendance to billing for easy invoicing and collection of payments
  • Download or print reports in seconds
  • Share reports with parents in real-time

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Daily Records

It’s simple to record daily records such as sleep checks, disposition, medication, meals, nappy changes and bathroom breaks.

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Record Daily Records In One Go!

  • Document updates, allow parents to sign important records such as accident and medication records or document meals.
  • Teachers can sign sleep checks, leave comments and record any changes in colour, temperature, breathing pattern and more.
  • TeachKloud encourages parent communication. Decide what records you want to share with parents.


Excel at inspections with our suite of compliance tools. Create, capture and document safety records such as Covid-19 Return to Work checklists, risk assessments, cleaning and staff rosters in one place.

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TeachKloud comes inspection ready!

  • Easily populate cleaning sheets for any area of your service or centre. Track, sign and document cleaning rotas.
  • Risk assessments are made easily with sample checklists, prompts, reminders for actions to be taken.
  • Audit your service based on regulatory standards in your country

Fire Safety and Drills

We know how important fire safety is! Document drills, inventory and people responsible.

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Staff Management

It can be hectic to manage staff rosters, attendance and communication on hours worked. With TeachKloud, it’s easy to communicate with staff, manage ratios, cover shifts and absences in one place.

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