A Little Vista Alternative that Preschools Love

Get all of our features for just one low price and save up to 50% on your childcare management software and app! TeachKloud has powerful and unique features, an easy to use app for educators, parents and management! See how we compare below! This page has been created carefully but we’re human too. If you see any mistakes, please let us know at hello@teachkloud.com!

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Get everything for €1.00 per child, per month! Free family app with instant notifications


€1.00 per child, per month


€1.50 per child, per month


€2.00 per child, per month

Pricing With TeachKloud, you get everything for one low price! €1 per child, per month (paid annually) or €1.20 cent monthly With Little Vista, features are restricted based on your package (Manager +, Learning or Learning +).
Cleaning sheets and risk assessments checklists
Create custom forms such as consent forms and Covid-19 forms with parent signatures
Policies and procedures that can be signed by parents
Accident forms with body map and digital signatures for parents and staff
Fire safety drills and forms
Training and meeting logs for staff
Access to CPD videos and certificates on early childhood topics
Staff rosters and timesheets
Sleep tracker (individual and groups)  
Meals and menu planning  
Nappies, bottles, temperature
Checks, image and video sharing
Medication logs with staff and parental digital signing
Learning stories
FREE Family app
Attendance and reporting
Child development tracker
Automated Fee Collection with Invoicing
Waiting Lists & Enrolment
Waiting Lists & Enrolment
Parents can mark children as absent and give a reason of absence for their child including uploading of medical documentation (if enabled by the preschool)
Add any curriculum or framework
Collection – who is allowed to collect the child with a photo of each person and the days. Includes reporting of who actually dropped and collected the child.
Share PDF documents with parents via the chat section