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“A really helpful way of explaining children’s behaviour and extremely helpful strategies in dealing with each situation that arises.”

Josephine Bickerstaffe

“Very helpful – we use many of these strategies in our setting already, but it’s good to be reminded of the theory and purposes behind them – will come back to this course again regularly!

Tracy Chambers

A clear, simple learning exercise that reclarifies knowledge and redirects strategies for teachers, early years practitioners and parents.”

Louise Coughlan

Watch this for free and learn about:

  • Terminology relating to challenging children’s behaviour

  • Importance of relationship building using the Model of Attachment (Siegal, 2020)

  • Factors that Influence Behaviour

  • Functions of Behaviour

  • Evaluating Behaviour using the ABC Model

  • Practical Strategies for Behaviours That Concern

  • Ten Focused Practical / Proactive Strategies such as the Bucket List