Free Course on Guiding Children’s Behaviour

Theory and Practice for Behaviours that Concern

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Diversity and Equality Activities for Young Children

Do you work with or care for young children?

Are you looking for an engaging, theoretical and practical course on behaviours that concern (formally known as challenging behaviour) created by experts?

So what are you waiting for?

‍This free course is for you – And a free certificate too!

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    See what past students say:

    “A really helpful way of explaining children’s behaviour and extremely helpful strategies in dealing with each situation that arises.”

    Josephine Bickerstaffe

    “Very helpful – we use many of these strategies in our setting already, but it’s good to be reminded of the theory and purposes behind them – will come back to this course again regularly!

    Tracy Chambers

    A clear, simple learning exercise that re-clarifies knowledge and redirects strategies for teachers, early years practitioners and parents.”

    Louise Thompson

    “Did a workshop before on this and was all fluff. Loved the clear instructions to implement strategies. I will be back for more.

    Kay Grattan

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    Get this for free and learn about:

    • Terminology relating to challenging children’s behaviour

    • Importance of relationship building using the Model of Attachment (Siegal, 2020)

    • Factors that Influence Behaviour

    • Functions of Behaviour

    • Evaluating Behaviour using the ABC Model

    • Practical Strategies for Behaviours That Concern

    • Ten Focused Practical / Proactive Strategies such as the Bucket List

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