Flower-Leaf Print

Flower-Leaf Print: Connecting already experienced print-technique with nature materials. Getting used to work with different textures to create art projects.

Developmental Area

Artistic, Cognitive


Art, Nature


Preschool, Toddler

There is so much to discover in nature!

Mark-making using what we have!


For this activity you will need:

  • Various types of flowers and leaves

  • Paper or fabric

  • Paint brushes and paint (use primary colours)

Learning Goals

With this activity you will learn the following skills:

  • Engage, explore and experiment in their environment and use new physical skills including skills to manipulate objects and materials

  • Learn about the natural environment and its features, materials, animals, and plants, and their own responsibility as carers

  • Experiment with colours and colour mixing

  • Nature awareness: collecting, sorting and grappling with natural materials

  • Sensorial Stimulation: experience various textures

Process Description

Step 1

Children can collect various natural resources from their environment or ask family members and friends to contribute to this project.

Step 2

After painting the natural resources children can create flower/leaft-prints on paper or fabric.

Step 3

Create a booklet with the flowers and leaves, name the flowers used and any other details the children would like to add to their prints


Read the book, Flowers to Spot by Sam Smith, to introduce children to the different types of flowers, where they can be found. What shapes and colours do they see?

Reflective questions

Ask these questions during and after the learning opportunity for critical and self-reflection

  • What could have been better?

  • How did I scaffold children’s learning?

  • Could I have adapted the learning opportunity to reflect all children’s needs, abilities and interests

Looking and responding

Start by asking the children to describe what they see. Draw attention to details. What shapes are they making? What colours do they see? Can we create new colours using the colours we have?


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