Let’s Get Moving – Circle Time Preschool Activity

Developmental Area



Circle Time


Preschool, Toddler

There is so much to discover in movement!

Children will love this engaging circle time movement preschool activity!


For this activity you will need:

  • Movement Wheel (see video below)

  • Brad Fastener

Learning Goals

With this activity you will learn the following skills:

  • Understand and follow instructions using their bodies to express themselves

  • Use their imagination to create movements and copy movements

  • Engage in dance and physical play


Step 1

Prior to the start of the session, cut out the Movement Wheel and glue onto a piece of cardboard. Insert a brad fastener into the centre of the wheel. Do not push the brad fastener all the way down; leave a little bit of room

Step 2

Open the flaps of the brad fastener and tape them down. Place a paper clip over the brad fastener. If you wish, you can also make an arrow out of card stock and use that instead of a paper clip

Step 3

Show them the Movement Wheel. Explain that today they are going to be playing a moving game. You are going to spin the Movement Wheel and do what the movement the spinner/arrow lands on

Step 4

Spin the Movement Wheel and perform the movement. Show the students how to do the movement and then have them do it. Suggestion: Spin the wheel several times, children can add their own movements or make up other movements for other children


Use music and ask children to move and dance to the beat.

Reflective questions

Ask these questions during and after the learning opportunity for critical and self-reflection

  • What could have been better?

  • How did I scaffold children’s learning?

  • Could I have adapted the learning opportunity to reflect all children’s needs, abilities and interests

Looking and responding

How did they feel when they were moving? What are they noticing when they moved or danced?

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