5 Minute Workout: Fun Movements for Kids!

Let's get moving!

Developmental Area




There is so much to discover in nature!

Self-discovery in movement and play!


For this activity you will need:

  • Space

  • Timer (intervals of 30 seconds with 15 seconds of rest)

  • Music of the children’s choice

  • Infographic (below)

Learning Goals

With this activity you will learn the following skills:

  • Engage, explore and experiment in their environment and with their bodies
  • Engage in movement and move to music. Listen and respond to instructions, while playing within a group of their peers.

Process Description

Step 1

Explain that we will be moving around the room today! Create space and have everyone stand in a circle.

Step 2

Explain that you will do the movement (no music) and then it will be their turn to do as many of the movement that you do as possible when the music starts playing. When the music stops playing they freeze and take a 15 second rest

Step 3

Look right for a list of sample movements – add your own and work with the children to see what movements they come up with!


What shapes can we make with our bodies? What shape are you making? For example, while the music is playing make a triangle, once the music stops, freeze in your shape.

Reflective questions

Ask these questions during and after the learning opportunity for critical and self-reflection

  • What could have been better?

  • How did I scaffold children’s learning?

  • Could I have adapted the learning opportunity to reflect all children’s needs, abilities and interests

Looking and responding

Encourage the children to express how they feel or dance without saying a word. Listen and observe to see what questions are asked or comments made by the children.

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