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Learning Journals

With TeachKloud you can create beautiful learning journals that can be easily shared with parents. TeachKloud automatically links individual learning journals to your curriculum framework as you write.

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Daily records

Spending hours on daily records, observations or parent communication? Keep a personal touch with parents while removing manual tasks from your to-do list. Document children’s daily learning from activities to nap times and hare these with parents at the click of a button.

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Tired of enrolment forms and paperwork? Our enrolment forms make it easy for you to invite parents to give information about their child such as the child’s health, immunization records and much more. You can also customise the enrolment form to suit your needs.

Parent invoicing, child fee calculation and child fee processing

Calculate invoices based on children’s attendance your fee. Apply discounts and extra options to the invoice. The invoice is then shared with the parent and the fee can be paid on TeachKloud using a lot of different payment methods such as Visa debit and credit cards. Group invoices, process refunds and see payment insights. Lodge parent payments directly into your account. There’s no need to chase parents for missed, outstanding or overdue payments. We take care of that with automated reminders and notifications for your parents.

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Parent portal, communication and engagement

Share important information with parents such as their child’s daily learning, records and much more. Teachers link a child’s profile to their parent(s) or caregiver(s) only the parent that has been linked by the teacher can view that child’s profile.

Digital attendance with insights and tracking

Sign children in and out on your laptop, phone or tablet in seconds. See daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly attendance insights. Print and download these for your records, parents or inspectors. Record keeping has never been this easy.

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Resource library

Our regularly updated resource library is full of early childhood resources, learning opportunities, parent information handbooks, sample policies and professional development training materials. We devised these special materials with early childhood educators and parents. They can be downloaded, printed and shared with teachers and parents.

Daily, weekly and monthly plans

Create daily, weekly and monthly plans easily with TeachKloud. These can be linked to more than one child and shared with parents. Document your routine and link these to the child’s emerging interests easily.


Store and create policies for your service. Share important updates with teachers and track who has signed and/read your policies. We also have sample policies in our resource library and tips on what to include.

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Parent directory and teacher directory

It’s easy to keep track of your parents and teachers with our directory.

Fire safety management

Manage, create and automate records on fire safety processes such as fire drills, inventory of lighting equipment and responsible persons. Reduce your paperwork, ink and printing costs with TeachKloud. Share your fire safety procedures and paperwork with inspectors easily.

Risk assessments

You want to keep your early childhood service safe and reduce hazards. We help you identify potential hazards, prepare and implement action plans with automated reminders.

Safety audits

Do an in-depth safety audit of your early childhood environment. We cover all the areas related to the early childhood regulations in your country. At the end of the audit, TeachKloud gives you tailor-made recommendations for your early childhood service and an overall rating. Our safety audits are currently available for the U.K. and Ireland. If you would like to request a safety audit for your country please email:

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Developmental observations, time sampling, event sampling and running Records

Use our ready-made developmental observations based on the age of the child or create your own checklist with our checklist editor. You can also create different observation types such as time and event sampling as well as running records.

Speech to text

Convert speech to text as you talk. There’s no need to write or type with TeachKloud. Eradicate paperwork and spend more time with children with our innovative and accurate speech to text tool.

Staff scheduling

TeachKloud’s innovative staff scheduling tool automates and helps you manage human resource processes such as timesheets, scheduling, ratios, staff payment and profiles.

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