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TeachKloud Roadmap and Feature Request

Check out TeachKloud’s public feature roadmap below. If you have a suggestion that is not included in the roadmap, use the button below. Please send all feedback using the button below.

Feature Suggestions

[Planned – May 2021] – Create custom checklists such as developmental milestones.

[Planned – July 2021] – Learning stories are already available via the mobile app for teachers. This update will enable you to create new // view existing learning stories and attendance records via the School Web Interface (i.e. using a laptop or desktop).

[Planned – August 2021] – When a notification is received // clicked on, you will be brought directly to that record for the majority of our features. Full roll out to be completed by December 2021.

[Planned – August 2021] – Send invoices to parents, collect fees directly to the school’s bank account, track missed payments and analyse cash flow using TeachKloud’s analytics.

[Planned – August 2021] – Option to invite multiple user’s to the School Web Interface.

[Planned – August 2021] – View any child’s enrolment form (e.g. collection, medical records, parental emergency details etc) from the mobile app for teachers.

[Completed] – Create and document children’s learning journeys.

[Completed] – Send messages, document’s, images and videos to parents and teachers.

[Completed] – Track and document children’s attendance, absences and share with parents.

[Completed] – Track and document children’s daily records, including but not limited to sleep, meals, medication and disposition.

[Completed] – Document staff training and upload certification. Track meeting log’s and minutes via the school interface.

[Completed] Document fire safety records, drills and lighting equipment via the school interface.

[Completed] – Create staff rosters via the school interface, enable staff to check in // out, record absences via the mobile app for teachers.

[Completed] – Register children in your school with the option for parents to complete and sign forms online. Create checklists via the enrolment form, example, Covid-19 Return to School Parental Declaration Form.

[Completed] – Document cleaning and risk assessment checklists, as well as, creating in-depth risk assessments for hazards, action required and follow-ups.

[Completed] – Document accident’s, share with parents and request signatures (optional).

[Completed] – Easy to use application for parents to communicate with teachers, share information, register children and sign important documents.

[Completed] – Easy to use application for teachers to document everything from attendance, daily records, risk assessments, accident forms and much more.

[Completed] – Manage everything from child attendance, enrolment forms all the way to staff roster and parental invites.

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