To get started, select ‘Compliance’ > ‘Checklist’ > ‘For cleaning Sheets’ using the menu bar on the left-hand side of your screen. To learn about daily risk assessments click here. 

  1. Select ‘Add new checklist’
  2. Enter the name of the checklist. For example, “Toilets for Preschool”
  3. Enter the area or item to be cleaned. 
  4. Enter the frequency that this area or item is to be cleaned. For example, ‘daily’
  5. Enter the ‘products to be used.’ For example, ‘Bleach’
  6. Select ‘add another’ to add multiple areas, frequency and products to be used for the checklist

To learn about editing checklists, click here.

  1. Select if this checklist is for the whole school or particular room(s)
  2. Select ‘Save checklist’