Learning Stories Introduction

Learning stories are a great way to show children’s learning journey’s. Learning stories are used when you want to create a summary of children’s learning opportunities (or activities) that can be shared with parents (optional). These can be linked to your curriculum or framework and include a reflection section just for teachers.

Learning stories can be created via the school interface and the TeachKloud: Childcare App. This guide focuses on creating learning stories via the school interface. To learn about learning stories using the mobile app, click here.

What is Included in this Step-by-Step Guide?

  • Creating a story
  • Editing pre-defined questions asked in the learning story section
  • Editing (including removal and /or download) a learning story
  • Communicating with parents

Learning Stories: School Interface

There are four steps in the learning story section. All sections of the learning story are optional, except for the name of the story.

1. To create a new learning story, select ‘Learning Story’ using the navigation bar on your left-hand side. If you have already created a learning story, use the filter (right-hand side of your screen, in the learning story section) to segment by child, room or story name.

2. Select the pink button, “add new learning story”

3. Select a child/ren and answer the pre-defined questions

Tip: If you would like to remove or add to these pre-defined questions, use the navigation bar and select teachers > app configuration > learning story

Edit, Remove or Download a Learning Story

  1. To edit a learning story, use the navigation bar to select Learning Stories
  2. Find the relevant learning story or use the filters on the left-hand side of your screen to segment by child, room or story name
  3. Select the three grey dots beside (right) the learning story to edit, view, remove or download a PDF version of the learning story

Tip: Any learning stories that have been saved as a draft can be accessed by selecting the red button, “view stories”, at the top of your screen.

Parent Communication

  1. Any previously created learning stories can be viewed in the learning story section. Teachers and parents can leave comments and parents can sign learning stories
  2. If a parent has signed a learning story, these will be viewable by selecting the three grey buttons next to the story you would like to view or when downloading a report. Any comments left by teachers or parents will also be displayed here

Tip: The reflection section is not visible to parents or included in any reports.