Key Terms

Roster management enables you to add work schedules for your “School Teachers” and “Other Staff.”

  1. School Teachers: have access to the TeachKloud Mobile App. Teachers can check in and out of shifts, add breaks and absences via the TeachKloud mobile app
  2. Other Staff: do not need access to the mobile app. For example, you may want to add a roster for administrative staff, download / print this to share.

Using the roster management feature, you can add everything from cover shifts, schedules, absences, ratio prompts and holidays! Learn how to edit or delete a roster here or read below to learn how to add a roster.

Add a Roster

  1. Select Roster > Roster Management using the navigation bar [see demo video below]
  2. Tap on any teacher to add schedules, breaks or holidays
  3. You can select multiple teachers, add work schedules/timesheets and breaks in one step (see screenshot below)
  4. After adding a roster, teachers can check in and out, add breaks and review their schedules using the TeachKloud: Childcare App
  5. Learn how to edit or delete a roster here.

Watch Rosters in Action