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School Interface Support Documentation

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TeachKloud Account

Adding Rooms

Log into the school interface Using the menu on the left-hand side, select ‘Rooms’ To add a new ...

Edit a Room

To edit a room, select rooms using the menu on the left-hand side of your screen Using the ...

Child Profiles
Managing Teacher Profiles

TeachKloud User Roles

Administrators have access to everything including the school interface, the teacher application and can customise what parents ...


Enrolment Checklists

Enrolment checklists are a great way to share yes or no checklists that require a parent or caregiver’s ...

App Configuration – Tailoring the Teacher Mobile Application

Optional step: To configure the teacher mobile application, select Teachers > App configuration > Daily records using the menu bar on the left-hand side of your screen.

Meals and Menus

Teachers can add individual meals/food using the teacher mobile application. However, using the school interface, an administrator can ...

Parent Notifications

Parents are notified anytime a record is shared with them. Manage sharing of records by using the 'make ...

Compliance Tab: Cleaning Sheets, Daily Risk Assessments and Policies

TeachKloud supports you in creating daily risk assessments for when specific items need to be checked off or cleaning sheets detailing what needs to be cleaned or disinfected. These checklists can be completed via the teacher mobile application and signed by teachers.

The school administrator can also upload policies to share with parents, receive their consent // signatures.

Sending Site-Wide Messages to Teachers and/or Parents

Sending Site-Wide Messages

The messaging feature on the school interface is a great way to send important broadcasts or site-wide messages ...


Tailor attendance to your early childhood service with ease. Upload attendance schedules, assign children to governmental schemes or subsidies, add holidays and download reports. Setting up attendance schedules ensures that your teachers can easily check children in and out, have a list of children who are due to attend and makes reporting to inspectors or planning occupancy much easier.

Add a Holiday or Closure

Attendance Schedules > Holidays and School Closures See how to add holidays for individual or groups of ...

Create a Schedule

Watch Our Demo Video to Get Started or Read Instructions Below! Attendance schedules can be ...

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